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Your Party Your Way !!

We can tailor your function to suit your budget with either

  • Solo or duo act

  • Croatian D.J.

  • Solo act and D.J.

  • Master of ceremonies available who can run your show in English, Croatian or Italian.

    Photo: FOTO GROUP - SHANEY BALCOMBE - www.fotogroup.com.au

With an experienced vocalist/recording artist,with over 20 years experience.

Call us and talk to us about what you NEED!
We will come up with an affordable package to suit YOU!

We can produce an authentic pop or traditional sound to get your party or reception rocking with and excellent atmosphere.

Multicultural Traditional to Pop
We build the atmosphere at your function from Croatian,Italian or Bosnian pop music to party dance English classics. We provide Pop or traditional party dance music tailored to your needs.

Photo: FOTO GROUP - SHANEY BALCOMBE - www.fotogroup.com.au

State-of-the-Art Sound System
Our quality sound system is shaped to suit your function and venue from a small back-yard marquis or café to an expansive ball-room or pavilion.

Vedre Noci will entertain you with a delicious selection of:
Croatian pop music
Croatian traditional music
Bosnian pop music
Bosnian traditional music
English Gold Classic Hits
Italian pop and traditional music

Master of ceremonies available who can run your show in English,Croatian or Italian.

Equipment Transported and delivered to Your venue Professionally !!

Our state of the art equipment is also transported to your chosen venue in our van, professionally.
This means you don't have to worry whether we will turn up or not due to transport issues.
Which means you can relax and enjoy your day without any worry !!




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